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E-mail Services

We can provide you with your own virtual email server or mailboxes, based on the Internet.

Perhaps your company has outgrown yahoo or hotmail, and needs a more professional image? Do you have an 'external' department who must be hosted away from your internal servers?

Whatever the need, we can help

Our mailboxes cost just £18 each per year, with discounts starting at 10 mailboxes.

Mailboxes can be provided as your.name@webshire.net or we can use an existing domain, or host a new one for you.

Included in the price:

  • All inbound messages will be virus checked
  • All inbound messages will be SPAM checked
  • POP3 or IMAP supported (300MB mailbox size)
  • Webmail access to mailboxes
  • Server side filtering (see FAQ page)
  • SMS notification (see FAQ page, SMS charges apply)
  • If using your domain, unlimited aliases are available
  • If using your domain, web based control panel for administration

We offer simple domain services for straight forward, cheap prices. Most of our domains are £18 per year. The domain is yours, there is no fee to move it away from us, but we can't think why you would want to!

All domains are offered with free e-mail and web forwarding, to a single address.

Other services:

We can provide many other Internet services such as:

  • DNS management
  • Domain routing/forwarding
  • Provision of secondary MX
  • Provision of secondary DNS
  • Webspace

Please contact us for pricing.